Muchos seran los llamados…

[Via Lars Konzack]

As a counterpoint to lists warning against Top 1o Most Evil Games, many feel called to make a canon of the very finest specimens ever.
Here’s Kjetil Sandvik‘s recent attempt:

  • Spacewar (first real computer game)
  • Pong (first commercial game)
  • Colossal Cave Adventure (first text adventure)
  • Asteroids (first commercial and succesful vectorbased game)
  • MUD1 (First multi-user dungeon/dimension)
  • Mario Bros (first character-based platform game)
  • Madden NFL (first good licensed sport game)
  • Pole Position (first good driving game)
  • Pac Man (the ultimate arcade game)
  • The Ultima-series (long, commercial and artistic succesful RPG-series)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (first, pure and best simulator)
  • Civilization (Ground-breaking God perspective/building game, marvelous gameplay)
  • Tetris (A class of its own)
  • Myst (first visually narrative CD-ROM)
  • Doom (historically epoch-making technology/content)
  • Tekken (most succesful martial arts games)
  • Final Fantasy-series (Ground-braking adventure/RPG)
  • The Sims (Again a class of its own)
  • Grand Theft Auto (first and biggest in 3D freedom-of-movement, ironically, theme-based, show-off sound track)