Gonzalo at Copenhagen University tommorow

The opposite of fun is not boredom: Videogames, art and communication

Sure, videogames are fun but is that enough? If television had focused solely on fun, we wouldn’t have news programs, documentaries, commercials or drama. Fun is just one element in the equation of making games, especially when you have a different agenda than just entertaining your players. This talk will review the artistic and communicational potential of videogames by exploring different examples of political, educational and non-traditional games. The language of cinema owes a lot to early art and political films (Griffith, Eisenstein, Riefenstahl): could a similar trend happen in videogames?

Thursday May 26
9.15am to 11.00am
Room 8.3.32 (KUA)

Gonzalo Frasca works at the Center for Computer Game Research at the IT University. He edits Ludology.org and co-edits Game Studies and WaterCoolerGames.org. He is the co-founder of Powerful Robot Games studio, leads the Newsgaming.com project and co-designed the first official videogame ever commissioned for a US Presidential campaign. He is also a former head of game production at Cartoon Network LA.