Laid-back satanists

Danes, as a rule, are mellow about their religion (or at least that used to be the case).
This may make it difficult for the enemy to be truly fanatic. Arguably, they could look pretty silly.
I was struck by this when I witnessed a group of satanists entering a train some years ago, only to almost immediately vacate their seats so that a bunch of elderly ladies could sit down. The two groups even exchanged smiles and pleasantries.
Now, apparently the Norwegians are moderately concerned that the upcoming 06.06.06 date may lead to satanist activism in the form of church burnings.
Reason for concern here as well? Brave investigative journalists sought out board member of Satanic Forum Amina Lap who assured:

“The majority of organized satanists are atheists, we don’t believe in Satan or God as existing forces. Nor do we believe in the coming of the Anti-Christ or anything like that. Dates and number are mere curiosities to us. In our local group we discussed whether it would be fun to organize a video night on that day and perhaps watch Rosemary’s Baby. But nobody had the time.”

It’s a mellow world (or country, I should probably say).

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