Talk on games+film at ITU

Jack Bauer: From TV2 to PS2
09/03-2006 kl. 4PM-6PM i Auditorium 1

Come to a Master Class about media convergence: Jack Bauer: From TV2 to PS2

TV, movies and computer games are merging. Games are being made into movies, entire TV series are released as interactive computer games, and in the near future we will see a total media convergence.

The latest example is the large scaled PlayStation 2 game 24: The game, which in every detail is an interactive version of the TV series “24” that is currently being shown on Danish TV2 and stars Kiefer Sutherland as the main character agent Jack Bauer.

On March 9th Rob Hill, the lead game designer of the game, and Mark Green from Sony’s Cambridge studio will be in Copenhagen to give a Master Class for Danish IT companies and students of the IT University and the National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment, which focus on the interaction between movies, TV, IT and interactivity. The meeting takes place:

Thursday the 9th of March in auditorium 1 from 4PM to 6PM

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