The Spam Wars take a new turn

In a case of Hybris I’ve blogged earlier on my triumph over spam.

The latest from the (blog comment) trenches, however, is a new spammer weapon: Effort.

Check this out:

i think the makers of monkey island and broken sword and csi should make them for the wii consol because they would be easier to control

It was posted last night in “response” to the front page of

And I just got:

I think video game violence affects different people in different ways. It does not intrinsically make people more violent (they may be violent in the first place) but it is one of the motivators of violence, as is TV and music, which can heighten violent tendancies.

That one from

Author : Symptoms of Celiac Disease (IP: ,

as a comment on this page on “Health Hazards”.

You almost feel approving a few of these just to reward the semi-sentience.