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  • If Location Apps are Games, How’s the Gameplay? – One of the motifs you keep coming across when reading about Foursquare and Gowalla, the mobile location apps, is that they are games, and the games are fu
  • Video games can never be art – Roger Ebert’s Journal – Having once made the statement above, I have declined all opportunities to enlarge upon it or defend it. That seemed to be a fool’s errand, especially given the volume of messages I receive urging me to play this game or that and recant the error of my ways
  • GPB_Social_Gaming_Report_-_March_2010.pdf (application/pdf Objekt) – Taking advantage of the behavioral and social dynamic that people like to interact and<br />
    play games with their friends online, social games have proven to be viral and<br />
    extremely sticky with a broad, mass-market audience. Within the last year, social<br />
    games have exhibited explosive growth, cementing their place as an important and<br />
    rapidly-growing sector within the $50B global games market.
  • Next year’s Twitter? It’s Foursquare – – As 2009 draws to a close, with Twitter undoubtedly this year’s media darling and Facebook continuing on its path to global domination, you may wonder which social-media service will become tech’s poster boy in 2010.
  • 8 Things Everybody Ought to Know About Concentrating – What science tells us, though, is that not only does multitasking make our work 50% less valuable; it takes 50% longer to finish. Plus, it’s physiologically impossible for the brain to multitask.
  • Foursquare’s Growth Not Slowing Down: 725,000 Users, 22 Million Checkins – Mobile social network Foursquare keeps on releasing new stats on its growth, and why shouldn’t it? The numbers are nothing short of impressive.
  • How Big Is Twitter Really?
  • Funware’s threat to the traditional video game industry | VentureBeat – Call it Funware. That’s the name for applications with game-like mechanics and game-like behavior that really aren’t traditional video games. And Funware just might steal the thunder from video games, which may no longer have a monopoly on either interactivity or fun.
  • Top 10 most expensive video games budgets ever « – Video games are quickly approaching Hollywood movies in terms of budget size, and often surpass then altogether. In the early 90s, video game budgets were around $100,000 — when Doom was released in 1993 it had cost $200,000 and was touted as one of the most expensive games at the time. Today, that barely covers one month worth of production. Here are the top 10 most expensive video game budgets ever: