Devil in the detail

Did you ever notice how some annoyances are so miniscule that everyone would be ashamed to actually voice their disapproval over something so tiny? A problem arises when these little details are repeated through sufficiently large series of instances. Also, this is a blog. There is no shame in ranting. In fact, “the rant” is a defining characteristic of “the blog”.
Henceforth, let the following practices be knows as Highly Annoying Little Things (HALTs):

– Double-spaced formatted papers manuscripts (unsuited for print and quite ugly)
– Endnotes
– Endnotes grouped into sections each covering a part of the actual text (highly unacceptable, much worse than endnotes in themselves)
– Using the term “ethnography” as a label for ├╝ber-eclectic/unfocused methodology slightly prioritizing qualitative techniques
– The fact that many do not quote original emails in their replies.
– Gmail showing emails as “conversations”.

What else?