Game seminar Friday next week

The University of Copenhagen is hosting the next down-to-Earth but often pleasant public game seminar in our twice-a-year series. Program below:

To Kill or not to Kill – and other presentations on computer games research

Friday November 12, 2004
MODINET’s Conference Room 5.2.29a (old KUA)

09.15-09.25: Welcome
09.25-10.05: Gitte Stald Perspectives on Fascination of Death and Violence in Games
10.05-10.45: Kjetil Sandvik Game Characters with Scruples?
10.45-11.00: Coffee
11.00-11.40: Susana Tosca To Kill or not to Kill: the Butterfly Effect in Blade Runner
11.40-12.20: Troels Degn-Johansson On Death and Destruction in Strategy Games
12.20-13.15: Lunch
13.15-13.55: Jesper Juul What the Game Means: About Grand Theft Auto 3
13.55-14.10: coffee
14.10-14.50: Charlie Breindahl Racing Games
14.50-15.30: Jonas Heide Smith Games, Peacocks, and the Theory of Conflict