Girl worry

I think it’s pretty fascinating how certain memes and myths regarding gaming travel around the globe, die out for a while only to respawn briefly or more massively.
Used to be that a lot of people would express worry that gaming gave boys an advantage since it would introduce them to computers. And girls, not playing (much), would be left behind. But this was mostly an early-to-mid 90s meme, since after that gaming generally didn’t rely on much general computer skill.
I hadn’t heard this type of argument for years but the other day Jyllands-Posten claimed that “Online games give boys a number of skills that are wanted in business. Girls miss this development”. In the article professor Birgitte Holm Sørensen argues that schools must see to it that girls achieve the necessary skills. Forced WoW play during recess? Girls taken aside for Counter-Strike classes? My daughter‘s schooling may turn out very differently from my own.