Jack Thompson does a Godwin

A part of me refuses to believe that anti-game crusader Jack Thompsom really exists.
But it would appear, according to Game Politics, that he just pulled a Godwin in a letter to Senator Joe Lieberman:

I think Doug [Lowenstein] is a liar… Doug Lowenstein, in my opinion, is personally responsible for a number of deaths. He is paid well to spin like the worst propagandists in history. I don’t need to tell you the harm that propagandists can cause, the lives they can cost. The Third Reich was founded upon propaganda as surely as it was founded upon armaments. When Doug Lowenstein says the industry wants kids not to buy these games, he is lying. When he says there is no proof that these games hurt kids, he is lying. Dave would not say so. I say so. I’m not nice, and I don’t pretend to be.

The Third Reich? Isn’t that a bit mild? What about the dark lord Sauron himself?