Limited character enactment in computer RPGs

The degree to which computer RPG players speak in-character vs. out-of-character
This graph shows the ratio of in-character to out-of-character statements during five sessions of the PS2 RPG Champions of Norrath. While coding the data, any utterance which could be construed as in-character was categorized as such, heavily favoring this category.
Interestingly, the in-character percentage is significantly lower than in similarly coded pen-and-paper RPG sessions.
As discussed in (*) and in the article I’m currently writing with Anders Tychsen.

* Tychsen, Anders & Smith, Jonas Heide & Hitchens, Michael & Tosca, Susana (2006). Communication in Multi-Player Role Playing Games – The Effect of Medium. Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (Lecture Notes in Computer Science). Berlin: Springer Verlag. (If you don’t have Springer access, try this version).