Lucky shots of 2015

Assorted highlights from this year’s camera roll, that (for reasons sometimes surely obscure to others) I happened to like.

The worst of times

Shot at Glyptoteket during Kulturnatten, it’s admittedly just your average sculpture but there’s a nicely ambiguous narrative here.


That's shocking news!

My daughter with a landline phone and mysterious random stuff (at SMK’s Laura Lima exhibition). Mostly I like the look on her face – what shocking news is she receiving?


Kids in museums: The Truth

The internets are awash with well-timed shots of nicely groomed youngsters respectfully contemplating our shared museum heritage. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes. It’s the #nofilter version of the museum child shot.

You should try it yourself sometime

Pictoresque evening by the sea with flying rock. Dramatic background and plenty of movement.


The prophet and the smartphone dude

The über-serious meets the utterly irreverent.


Østre Anlæg, Copenhagen

The SMK, also known as “work”, on a particularly colorful day. I later realized that the light effects were mainly due to a irreplaceable nearby building being on fire. Hmmm.


Marktstrasse hangabouts

Hipsters of Hamburg hanging out. I like the way they are totally framed by the semi-abstract background.



Selfies can be ok, as long as they are pretentiously abstract.


Wanås Slotspark, Sweden

Nice contrast between the stable composition and the implied movement. Also, people with hats are awesome.


Towers of FlorenceBecause Florence.


Casentino landscape

Kind of a dreamy phone shot taken during an evening walk in the hills of Tuscany. As you do.


Streets of Chicago

It’s a cliche and also probably a bit too HDR. But come on, it’s a train up in the air!!


Chicago morning

This phone shot captures well my sense of Chicago (on those particular days in April). Impressive, and grey, and often empty.


SMK as seen through a tiny round window

Nothing special. But you’ve gotta love those highly alternative takes on familiar subjects.


The Thermes Ruler

At the Royal Cast Collection the light is just pretty good sometimes.


Creative colleague's office

I like the way it takes some time before you notice my colleague Michael among all his assorted, well, necessities.


Copenhagen Springtime

I never really fell in love with the VSCO Cam app, but it does have its uses.


Photowalk at the Royal Cast Collection

Nice lines and fortunate composition – at the Royal Cast Collection.


Ancient faces

Someone set up these beauties in a pretty strong relationship – at the Royal Cast Collection.


Leaving work the other day

Caught this leaving work one winter evening. It’s the magic of dusk along with the welcoming window light. Also, it’s the good old blue/orange combo.

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