The World will have to do

The game center gets a writeup at BBCs The World. My attention was caught a statement by one Jonas Schmidt:

It was weird to think that there would be some sort of payoff for all of the hours spent,” Smith says. “You know, telling our parents this, but they didn’t believe us. They should see this.”

The depth of wisdom within this one sentence, not to mention its daring position on the issue of internal coherence, boggles the mind.
In one of the pictures my office mate can be seen hard at work doing basic research.

But seriously, it’s a nice piece. There’s supposed to be a companion webcast but I can’t seem to find a working URL.

From the depths

Having other mysterious business in the basement my wife hinted that it might be time for my illustrious Amiga 500 to again see the light of day (as long as it happened somewhere else). So now it’s all packed and ready to make the (entirely manageble) trip to the ITU – complete with semi-functional RGB cable and all. I guess it would attract some streed cred to start of with “This dissertation was written on a pearly white Commodore Amiga“. Then again, maybe not. And it really isn’t all that pearly after all these years in the basement.
But at least we’ll finally get to see who’s the real Speedball II champion. Ice cream, ice cream!