End of level for Gonzalo Frasca

Former Urugayan ITU resident and PhD program co-sufferer Gonzalo Frasca just (yesterday) told the world how games, play, and rhetorics are connected thus earning himself the non-refundable title of PhD.
Because of exams I could only attend the esteemed candidate’s presentation (thus missing out on the subsequent Q&A fun) but what I heard seemed both coherent and science-like. I cannot be more specific since I was concentrating on taking low-quality pictures with my clumsy phone.

Congratulations, Dr.

Anne Mette Thorhauge defends game PhD

Anne Mette Thorhauge defendes her PhD dissertationAnne Mette Thorhauge of Copenhagen University just defended her (Danish) dissertation entitled The Computer Game as Communication Form. Topic-wise, Anne Mette’s work seems quite close to my own, so I look forward to reading her text soon. I might, perhaps, disagree with her conceptualization of rules as something “established and maintained by communication”, but it could just be a definition issue and life is surely too short to argue about those.

Either way: Congratulations Anne Mette :-)