Players’ Realm anthology launched

Players' Realm coverPlayers’ Realm: Studies on the Culture of Videogames and Gaming which I’ve edited along with Patrick Williams has now been published. There’s info on the book’s own page and it is available at, and at other self-respecting book dealers.
I have a chapter in the book entitled Who Governs the Gamers? Political Power in Large Game Worlds which examines how classical debates of political theory relate to game worlds.

I’d like to thank everybody involved for their dedicated and professional attitude towards the project.

Players’ Realm anthology forthcoming

The game studies anthology I’ve been editing with Patrick Williams is taking shape. It should be out this fall. And will be known as:

J. Patrick Williams, and Jonas Heide Smith (eds.). 2006 (forthcoming). “The Players’ Realm: Studies on the Culture of Video Games and Gaming.” Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co.

Table of contents etc. here

Update: Seems the publication date has been postponed to early 2007.