The emergence of rules

The other day my (nearly) two-year-old daughter invited me (“ordered” is of course more like it) me to participate in a game called “Ku-kuu”. She has yet to start forming sentences so the rules had to be sort of discovered as we went along. Essentially, the game seemed to be about me hiding somewhere and her coming looking for me. Unfortunately (perhaps) she couldn’t stand the excitement of waiting while I found a place to hide but instead followed me around as I tried to hide. In a sense, this kind of spoiled the game of hide-and-seek if we take it to be based on the skill involved in searching. But I got the clear sense that her version of the game was much more directed towards combining losing someone from sight and being delightfully surprised when that person emerged from behind a door etc.

It will be interesting to see how her gameplaying evolves and in particular how her rule-system preferences change over time.