The Pac-Man strategy guide

Didn’t succeed in wasting your childhood in the arcades? Despair not, but check out KiLLerCloWn’s Pac-Man Guide in HTML or 27-page PDF.

And always remember:

“What you have to learn first is cornering. yes, there are differences in how quickly you corner and every Pac-Man pattern out there relies on you cornering quickly consistently without getting stuck. If you get stuck for as much of 1/10 of a second or less, hardly perceivalble to the eye your timing and pattern will be off, you will have to readjust and in the later levels will in most cases not be able to recover!

One basic rule applies: Corner before you get to the corner. The corners are round and if you only start twisting your joystick when you get to the corner you’ve already taken a wider line. This is almost invisible to the eye but it really makes a difference and you’ll notice whether your cornering has been clean when you reach certain key points in the patterns.”

Via Lifehacker