Know a game like this?

There is a scene in Babe – The Gallant Pig where the pig protagonist is informed of a password which may be used to entice sheep to give crucial help in terms of dire need.
Okay, this introduction is going the wrong way, so just forget it.

My problem is this. I’m looking for an example of a game where:

– One player does not fully know what the other player can do or where one player does not know the other player’s goal (i.e. what he wants to do)


– The players are not informed of all choices made by the other(s).

An example of not knowing the other player’s goal would be the secret missions handed out before a Risk game begins. An example of not being informed of the actions of the other player would be being unable to see the other player’s section of the gamespace (as in Civilization, Age of Empires etc.).

Is there such a game?