UK gamers dissected

The grandfather of Public Service broadcasting, the BBC, just published an impressive report surveying the habits, preferences, demographics etc. of UK gamers.

It contains bundles of well-presented facts. Like:
– Young age and chance of being a gamer correlate positively (not surprising)
– 48% of respondents were “heavy” gamers i.e. they play at least once a week and up to daily, whereas only 7% are “medium” and 4% are light. This seems to indicate that if you play then you are likely to play more than a little (it also indicates, of course, that the categories might not be entirely intuitive)
– Gender has extremely limited influence on frequency of playing
– 6-10 year olds “prefer” the PC as a platform (over individual consoles etc.) while for other age groups the PS2 takes over (although I’m not entirely sure how”Preferred device” is measured here)

Also, the report sums up interesting findings on genre preferences and gender:

Simulations and MMOGs perform equally well with males and females, while RPGs and Strategy fare only marginally better with males. Females then show strong approval for Music/Dance, Puzzles/Board/Quiz, and
Classic games. Males show strong approval for Action-Adventure, Racing, Sports, and First Person Shooters. Simulations and MMOGs seem to be key to attracting audiences of both genders equally: Sports and Shooting category games generally hold the lowest appeal for females, although it should be noted that this doesn’t mean they have no appeal: 12% of females play First Person Shooters.

Via BoingBoing