Looking for game examples

I’m looking for a game (preferably a board game or card game) in which all players start out with full knowledge of the game state but where, in the course of the game, things happen which do not become known to all players.

By “full knowledge of the game state” I mean that the position and type of every “unit” is known and that the exact goals of all players are known.

In Risk, for instance, the players don’t have full knowledge to begin with (they draw secret mission cards) and things happen which are not revealed. In Chess players DO have full initial knowledge AND are informed of all events/changes.

All help is appreciated.

(in economic game theory terms I’m looking for a game of complete but imperfect information)

1) Players have “perfect recall”, they don’t forget what they saw happening in the past just because things get complex.
2) By “start out” I mean the state of the game just before the first player does anything, i.e. before the players start interacting.