Of DIGRA things to come

This year’s DIGRA conference is almost upon us. All in all, I much enjoyed the previous instantiation, and will be looking forward to Vancouver surrounded by game research greatness.

In particular, I’ll be looking forward to (although I have not yet read the papers):

Styles of Playing Violent Video Games: An Individual Differences Research Methodology
Amanda Bolton, Gregory Fouts

Addressing Social Dilemmas and Fostering Cooperation through Computer Games (full paper)
Mark Chen

Gaining Advantage: How Videogame Players Define and Negotiate Cheating (full paper)
Mia Consalvo

The “White-Eyed” Player Culture: Grief Play and Construction of Deviance in MMORPGs (full paper)
Holin Lin, Chuen-Tsai Sun

/hide: The Aesthetics of Group and Solo Play (full paper)
David Myers

Law, Order and Conflicts of Interest in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (full paper)
Daniel Pargman, Andreas Eriksson

A Brief Social History of Game Play (full paper)
Dmitri Williams

Oh, and then of course there’s TL Taylor’s keynote and Jesper Juul’s dissertation talk – not to be missed by anyone who don’t have the pleasure of their everyday pleasantness.

But all in all it seems those Vancouver days will be quite packed.

BTW, here’s my own paper abstract and the full version.