Oh, the media…

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at a public library as part of the nicely idealistic “Day of research” (where researchers meet “the public”). I spoke about media panic, public perceptions of games and of games as media/art.
Business-oriented Danish daily newspaper Børsen was there covering the event. Let me quote one of the funnier captions in this Tuesday’s edition: [Below a portrait of yours truly, worthy of early German movie expressionism] “PhD student Jonas Heide Smith of the IT University has no problem with violent and crime-glorifying computer games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ which is about stealing cars“.

The article itself has a few confusing points and a Jonas Heide Smith quote that initially made me sigh deeply: “Discussions about giving government support to computers is far more serious than it was five years ago”. Now, of course I said computer games, not computers. But on second thought, is it so outrageous? After all, the poor machines are slaving away day after day under our desks – are they not in fact entitled to government support? Where is the minister of equality in all this?

Considering the number of individuals entitled to government support in this country the thought is hardly outlandish. If Blade Runner had been made in this country, the big question would of course had been: If entities have memories and emotions, how can we then deny them government support?

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