Our video game text book gets an extra life

In the year of our Lord 2008, Simon Egenfeldt Nielsen, Susana Tosca and I published our introduction to video games and video game studies Understanding Video Games (unabashedly subtitled “The Essential Introduction”).

The sales data was always semi-abstract to me, but our publisher just informed us that they are “very happy with its success”. It’s been taken up by quite a few game courses and would we do a revised 2nd edition? Lest our work become the less-than essential introduction, we’ve agreed :-) ETA: 2012.

Now, if you’ve read or actually used our book, we’d be very interested in hearing from you. What works, what doesn’t? What are the most important sections to update? What specific recent developments (or titles) should we cover?
Write me at jonas@autofire.dk or use the comment field or your telepathic powers. Thanks!

Grundbog om computerspil klarer sig hæderligt

Freespace 2
Susana Toscas, Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsens og min computerspilgrundbog “Understanding Video Games” har i følge forlaget solgt hæderligt i sine første 8 måneder. Ole Ertløv Hansen har I øvrigt netop anmeldt den i tidsskriftet MedieKultur. OEH har pæne ting og sige, men hæfter sig også ved en række kritikpunkter, hvoraf flere er rimelige nok.
Bogen kan købes hos Adlibris for 174 kr. + forsendelse.

Understanding Video Games now in stores

Understanding Video GamesThe video games text-book which I have co-written with Susana Tosca and Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen has now left the printers and reached the virtual shelves of Amazon.com.
The book is so interesting that it actually has a (somewhat rudimentary) Companion Website featuring the book’s brief introduction chapter.

If you’re in Denmark, here’s a list of fine web book stores that will be happy to ship the book to you.

If you’re in the UK, you can get it directly from Routledge.

It’s 16.99 UK Pounds / 29.95 USD, took some time to write, and we do hope you buy it :-)

Book contract

Simon, Susana and I just (finally) received the actual/physical signed publishing contract for our text-book adventure. We will publish with Routledge (US) and have agreed to deliver the final manuscript by August 1st.
If any one of you, faithful readers, is interested in reading one or more section(s) to comment we would of course be most grateful.