PhD defense completed – get ready

Dr Schmith

This Thursday I succesfully defended my PhD thesis entitled Plans and Purposes: How Videogame Goals Shape Player Behaviour (slides / preliminary dissertation final dissertation).

The opponents asked reasonable questions, the technical equipment worked flawlessly, the post-defense red wine was half-decent, and any post-defence tension was relieved through honorable Guitar Hero combat. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

And a warm congratulations to ex-roomie Miguel Sicart who defended his thesis on games and ethics yesterday (Miguel’s preliminary thesis).

I’ll be uploading the final version of my thesis as soon as it’s ready.

Mission completed.

(oh and I love the Germanification of my name on the ITU posters. It has a nice academic ring).

PhD defense
– “Look, players ARE rational. End of story”.

Jane McGonigal lectures at ITU, 30 November

The glory of ├śrestaden

The Center for Computer Games Research ( is happy to

Jane McGonigal, a world-leading ubiquitous game designer and researcher.
She will lecture at ITU on November 30th (16:15, Auditorium 2)

The title of her presentation is “This Might Be a Game! Pushing the
limits of ubiquitous play”

For more details about her talk and bio, see:

For any enquiries, please contact Gonzalo Frasca at

The lecture series are an event of the Center for Computer Games
Research –
IT University of Copenhagen